Meet with non-surgical lumbar hernia treatment, non-surgical neck hernia treatment and Spine Aesthetics, which came to the fore with Fatih Kırar for the first time in the world. Examine the current treatment methods in Fatih Kırar’s modern clinic serving the whole world.

Join Fatih Kırar among our patients who experience painless, non-surgical, side-effect and permanently effective treatment methods.

For the first time in Turkey, there is a Class A operating room with international validation, 3D tomographic, sterilization units, observation and observation rooms.

A team of 20 professors, associate professors and specialist dentists work in the main fields of implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthesis, periodontology, pedodontics and endodontics.

Akvadent Beylikdüzü dental clinic is a private dental clinic serving as a dental hospital. We provide service with all specialist and experienced physicians.

One of the most important advantages of being in this sector for many years; When it comes to Oral and Dental Health, implant treatments and smile design in Beylikdüzü, we are the first clinic that comes to mind. The most important reasons for this success are; We can say that keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level, working only with the highest quality materials and working with highly experienced and specialist doctors.